Charge Cars: Introducing Liza Christensen, CMF Designer

Liza Christensen, our colour, materials & finish (CMF) designer at Charge Cars, joined the team 9 months ago. Having worked with Land Rover and then McLaren, she was heavily involved with designing the colour & materials for the Elva, McLaren’s open-top luxury supercar, bringing vast amounts of experience to the Charge Cars team.

Liza Christensen, CMF Designer

Today Liza works within the Design team and engages with every customer to facilitate and realize their dreams for their own unique Electric Mustang by Charge Cars. We have a dedicated design lab in our West London HQ, that houses state-of-the-art VR technology, an exterior/interior full size model, and a vast selection of premium leathers and vegan options.

How it started:

“My career started out as a furniture/interior designer back home in Norway. After relocating to London and working for a design consultancy, it slowly transitioned over to colour and materials due to the appeal of having direct influence on the vehicle and on a smaller space. You have to be clever, cost-efficient and have a robust strategy. As a CMF designer, I focus on listening to customers and predicting future trends.”

Stitching techniques.

Turning challenges into opportunities

“One of the biggest challenges as a CMF designer is having a strong vision that may not resonate with everyone. There are plenty of reasons why: they may not be as aware of the current trends, shifts in political aspects, or understanding customer expectations. If people in the same business are not as attuned to what is happening around us, they may not recognize its relevance.

My work is centered around bringing enhanced value to a customer’s vehicle and that’s why it’s such a great feeling when your vision ultimately aligns with what the customer wants. It’s the most rewarding part of being a CMF designer.”

Exploring finishes on seat belt buckles.

The Customer Journey

Designing the interior of the Electric Mustang is no easy feat. We’re in the race to develop luxurious materials which are not only required to be visually appealing, it needs to save weight and withstand everyday use as well as having a reduced environmental impact as we are completely re-defining this iconic car. What sets our Electric Mustang apart from other vehicles is that we are working with an existing design form. Several elements need to be produced a certain way, and materials need to comply with strict production methods, such as the dashboard topper, which needs to feature non-reflective materials that can withstand heavy solar loading, offer low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and work with our adhesives and laminations whilst still looking and feeling premium.

This part is always in the customer’s field of vision and we pay great attention to these details. One of the challenges is calculating whether or not the materials you’re developing are appropriate for the vehicle and production.

We offer a wide range of premium leathers, including vegan options.

At Charge Cars, part of the Customer’s Journey is onboarding their wishes. Every idea and notion is collected in order to make the Electric Mustang bespoke to them. No customer will have the same vehicle, so the changes could be substantial or barely noticeable.

Part of the Customer Journey is delivering their desires — we collect every idea and notion in order to make the Electric Mustang bespoke to them. No two customers will have the same vehicle, so the changes can range from substantial to subtly minimalist.

“There are many aesthetic guidelines — you cannot have too many finishes, or too many components with regards to the interior. There needs to be a very streamlined design language that also echoes the legacy features of the ’67 Mustang.

You’re not simply creating a pleasant space for the customer, more a functional space that appeals to all the senses with an elevated style. Customers purchase what they like, what they think is a statement to their personality and their image. The interior is all about the customer and we encourage them to be bold and confident and indulge themselves.

If you are interested in your own, truly bespoke Electric Mustang, register your interest on our website or email us at hello[at]charge[dot]cars.

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