Switching Gears with Luke Mullock

This week we catch up with our Build Tech, Luke Mullock. Over a protein shake, Luke describes the multifaceted nature of his job and why Fast & Furious was his favourite film growing up.

Luke Mullock, Build Tech at Charge Cars

Describe your day as a build tech at Charge

My day can vary drastically, so although my official title is Build Technician, I help and work with other departments. If I’m on the workshop floor, I am usually updating our prototype and testing vehicles with the newest spec parts; modules, changing positioning and routing of parts, wiring, cooling systems, brake systems and setting up the vehicles depending on what testing is being carried out and what results we recorded from previous testing.

The next day I could be dealing with suppliers trying to procuring the parts needed for a new system, for example an air conditioning system to bolt and fixings’ suppliers. It is extremely varied.

Right now I am writing up the first draft of the Build Process that will explain step by step how to assemble a start to finish vehicle build. It includes written instructions, graphics, fixings, tooling, torque, care points, etc.

Top Tip for someone entering your field of work?

Quite simple… Never say no. Even if you are not sure that the request is feasible or useful, always say yes. Try to do what is asked and then report back with the results and suggestions for improvement, or why it is not feasible.

Too many times, I’ve worked with, or trained individuals that have a defeatist mindset. This will not get you anywhere. Simple but effective. Never say “that’s not my job” if given the chance or asked to do something new or different, it will only add to your own skills, knowledge and your value to that company.

What trend if any is shaping your area right now?

I wouldn’t say it’s a trend so much as a global shift from internal combustion engines using fossil fuel to hybrid and / or full electric vehicles, trying to reduce the negative effects fossil fuels are having on our planet in order to preserve it for future generations.

And this leads me on to what I love about Charge Cars and what we are doing. I have been a petrol head since I was old enough to know what cars were (and yes… the original Fast and Furious was my favourite film!)

So for me I don’t like the shift in car styling that has come with the shift in power supply. EV cars seem to all fail on styling and have very minimalist (perhaps futuristic) looks. I love the old school classics that have been designed to turn your head and not just developed in a wind tunnel for minimal drag co-efficiency.

Charge Cars — bringing classics into the future so we never lose them!

Working here what are you most looking forward to?

I genuinely look forward to every day! Being surrounded by an amazing team of awesome individuals, being able to get involved with multiple areas of the business and grow as an individual as well as seeing Charge Cars grow.

What book would you recommend?

For a mechanic looking to take that step into the future, “IMI Electric, and Hybrid Vehicles” by Tom Denton. There are a lot more intense books available, but his hits the basics well and is an easy read. Or for life and health, anything by Ross Edgley — currently has 2 books “The World’s Fittest Book” and “The Art of Resilience” and Book 3 comes in September “The Blueprint”. The idea of the scholar athlete is something I love.